It doesn’t matter if you live in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson, the harsh weather will make your house exterior paint look faded, older and damaged. Excessive heat eventually will crack your outside stucco and begin to breakdown the interior insulation. This damage to your home can become a very costly to repair if not fixed sooner than later.  

At Vegas Fabulous Finishes, we have a professional staff that works specifically in stucco repair and maintenance. We will asset your project, and walk you through the process on what you can expect after we repair your damaged stucco. Once the repairs are made, we will color-match your home and repaint the house exterior to make it look brand new again.

Have a cinderblock wall that you need refaced to a nice stucco look? No problem. We have the ability to add stucco to any wall even if its never had stucco before. We can even build your wall from scratch if needed.

We have an assortment of exterior painting/stucco repair options perfect for any budget. New repaired stucco and fresh paint job on your home will not just add value in your home, but also add value in your life.

Please contact us today to learn more.