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When the hot summer heat, hard alkaline water, and hash wear over time has destroyed your stamp concrete to a point when it has become an eyesore, don’t get discouraged. Vegas Fabulous Finishes will be able to restore your warn concrete to looking new, lustrous and beautiful again. Our team of experts can restore multiple colors and types, giving that amazing shine that will maintain for years to come.


Upgrade the beauty and value of your home with an array of colors and styles to choose from. Each epoxy finish uses the highest quality of materials and chemicals on the market allowing long-lasting life and beauty essential to every home.

Pool Deck

Pool deck, also known as kool deck, is the repair and protection of your pools decking from hash natural elements. We can provide refinishing with a colored sealant that doesn’t also change the look of your deck but will also give long lasting beauty guaranteed for years to come.


Give your back yard, front yard, or even side yard a unique style with decorative pavers providing enduring beauty with unlimited design flexibility. We can even add penetrating sealer to lock in color that won’t fade over time like standard pavers.

Custom Barbecues

Why have a basic barbecue in your backyard when you can have a custom designed built-in and functional cooking masterpiece to entertain your company. With hundreds of stone patters and granite options to choose from, Vegas Fabulous Finishes can give you a unique design and style that will impress anyone at the gathering.

Give your house a fresh updated look with exterior painting. Exterior painting allows areas like cracks and stucco damaged to be repaired can virtually disappear when repainted. Our team has the ability to fix repairs to your house and paint it with lighting speed that will impress even your neighbors.

We can replace your old kitchen, bathroom or shower with unique custom high-end granite. We offer dozens of custom options for every need. Quality high-end materials of all types. Everything from granite to stone to make every fabrication job unique.


Nothing completes a home like a beautiful patio. Allow our team to fabricate the perfect design for your patio needs allowing you to stay in the shade during the hot summer months.

Clean & Seal

At Vegas Fabulous Finishes we offer maintenance packages that affordable to our customers for the keep up of their flooring. We will completely clean and reseal your flooring to its lustrous shine if it fades. As long as your flooring is not beyond the point of restoring, we can rejuvenate it looking new again.

Custom Waterfalls

Always wanting a custom waterfall that can run into your pool system but don't know where to go? We can help. Our skilled carpenters have built and designed hundreds of water feathers for every back yard need.

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